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Let’s play some games

FairplayHQ is a dedicated team of gaming experts with only one goal: Keep our beloved games playable for everyone! In order to achieve our goal we do many things. For example, we help out new players on the games we play, assist game developers and publishers, interact with our community members on multiple playforms such as social media, our website, twitch and much more.

Game developers and publishers

As the only one of its kind, FairplayHQ focuses on providing a long-term solution against cheating. We continue where the normal anti-cheat systems stop. Our decicated team of anti-cheat experts monitor games on a daily basis by looking for cheaters, investigating them closely and hand over the busted cheaters to the game publisher. Currently we are providing this service to multiple developers and publishers, some want us to operate in public and some want us to stay anonymous. This a decision made by the publisher or developer.

Entertaining the community

Our special entertainers departement is helping out game publishers by entertaining their community. We do this by hosting gaming events and competitions. For each competition or event there is a prize for the winners, provided by the game developer or publisher.